Nos hartamos de nadar para morir en la orilla / We are fed up of swimming to die on the shore
Illustration with Adobe Photoshop CS5 developed and tablet Intuos4, 5 hours of work compressed into 4 minutes, without a previous sketch, only selecting a range of colors at random.
All made in Photoshop
Design for a tattoo // tattoo by ZoeGas
Hand / Digital

This tradition began with the sailors, who adopted the custom of a swallow tattoo for every 5,000 nautical miles sailing, convinced that gave them good luck. This belief was such that many began to get a swallow tattoo before departing on their long journey, as amulet assuring them return home. The ancient Egyptians felt admiration for these birds, who believed they were guarding the souls of those who died and were taken to the underworld by the god Anubis tours. Sailors also echoed this belief, thinking that the swallows would be responsible for carrying their souls to heaven if they died at sea. When singing symbolize freedom, the difference between these and other birds is that they choose their partner for life, so once they find their soul mate, not separated from it, never. They are birds that have long inspired writers, poets and artists.And for something did so…
Hand / Digital
Humans don't hunt dreams
Hand / Digital
To enter you must cross the mouth of a huge monster. This is not Oz, so do not expect a yellow brick way. You will recognize soon that while you believed are walking on an elegant red carpet, instead you are treading on the tongue of this fantastic creature. Then, you will continue walking across the corridor with walls painted in black and white stripes, house branded. You will know that you have arrived at your destination, when you encounter six large televisions that broadcast only and exclusively, the dreams you forgot…

Hand / Digital // Illustration for "logoteca" Estación Diseño
“El pensamiento creativo puede ser la simple constatación de que no tiene
ningún mérito hacer las cosas como siempre se han hecho”
(Rudolph Flesch)

Hand / Digital
The September 21 is the global day of peace, sometimes we need to think in colors and birds,
getting carried away by the NO VIOLENCE AND RESPECT.
Invitación de Boda versionando a “muchachada nui”    ///   Wedding Invitation cover to “muchachada nui”
All made in Photoshop & Illustrator
" Todo por unos labios que me curen las heridas de los míos..."
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